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Once you fill out the form below – we’ll have all the info we need:  which Video Bite you want, giving us information about your organization or association, images resources you have access to (photos or video) and contact info.

Once we receive the form, we’ll reach out to you via email to confirm your video bites order.  and send it back.

Using the info you shared, we’ll write the script and send it to you. You’ll note any changes and send it back.

With the script in place, we’ll create a list of images we need provided – photos, video, logo etc. We’ll also gather any stock footage or stock images needed.

Then the edit begins. Video Bites are voiced in-house  

All Digital


Depending on the video bite you choose, you’ll get a package that includes video(s) and still images.

When the bites are done we send you a download link. Share the link with anyone who needs access!

Bite Sized


Video bites cost 


Introduce Your Organization

Share Member Testimonials

Highlight Key Benefits

A quick hello, what you offer, your mission, and some history about your organization. This video bite includes a 60 second video, a :30 & :15 edit plus 3 still images.

Showcase 3 to 5 of your best testimonials with quarterly 30 second videos. This video bite includes a :15 second video and 3 to 5 still images.

A quick look at 1 to 3 key details about your membership benefits or services. This video bite includes a 30 second video and 3 still images.