Who we are

Third Rail Content is a video creation lab based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our Origin Story

Third Rail Content is the result of a decades-long friendship between Chad Haufschild and Dorothy Booraem.  Our creative partnership was formed in a cauldron of indie film-making and web-series creation.  We worked for corporations, non-profits and small businesses, making videos and learning the ropes. In 2013 we got the opportunity to work for ourselves and we’ve never looked back. 

We chose Third Rail Content as the name for our company because the electrified rail that provides power is called the “third rail”. In subway systems, the third rail moves trains. We like to think of our work as the creative power that moves our clients’ message, carrying it to the right audience.

We’ve dedicated almost 20 years to the craft of creative video content. Our work has been on Netflix and been awarded by the VAB – the national trade association for premier video providers. Collaborating and creating are what keep us coming back, day after day.


This is Us!

Chad Haufschld

Creator, Director, Camera

Dorothy Booraem

Creator, Director, Producer

Amos Sterns

Graphic designer, Camera

Telling people’s stories and sharing information in creative visual ways is our jam. We don’t believe in cookie cutter visuals, chasing trends or unfocused messages. Finding what makes your project, message and brand unique is where we shine. 

The three of us take our work seriously but we also like to play, bonding over genre movies, RPGs and video games. If it’s got ninjas, robots or wizards, we are on board! Check out our time-travel-focused Holiday videos and some of our short films.