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Creative, powerful video production that makes your message memorable.

What we do


We create videos that present your story or information in a unique and powerful way. Our edutainment Edutainment videos keep audiences coming back for more.


We produce videos that get the right people interested in your products or services. Our marketing videos connect with your potential customers and keep you top-of-mind.


We make collaborative, no-template commercials for small businesses. Reach customers with a broadcast quality video, and a stand-out visual presence.

We create videos that entertain & educate

We've dedicated over 15 years to the craft of creative video content. Our work has been on Netflix and been awarded by the VAB - the national trade association for premier video providers.  We provide all aspects of creative video production, including scripting, videography, production design, post-production effects, and sound design.

What Clients Have to Say

"Third Rail is an essential partner for our success at the Lied Center. I know I can count on them to produce an amazing product on time and within budget.”

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Matthew Boring Lied Center for the Performing Arts

"Sales increase when we use Third Rail video as part of our marketing strategy. Their creative helps us stand out from the crowd."

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Jan Moore Amigos

“Third Rail made it possible for us to share our RentWise training in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

Amber Marker Nebraska Housing Developers Association

"Third Rail maintained excellent communication with our team and managed our feedback in a way that met our detailed requirements without impacting the project timeline. Thanks so much for a great collaboration!"


In subway systems, the electrified rail that provides the power needed for trains to move forward is called the “third rail”.

We like to think of our work as the creative power that moves our clients' message forward.

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