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Perfect for training, teaching, and sharing information of all kinds, these videos are  very customizable. They can be short or long, simple or complex, depending on your message.

Sharing information via video is the best way to  make it memorable for  your audience. According to micro-learning site Speach.me, viewers retain 95% of a video’s message, compared to 10% when reading the text version (Speach, 2024). 

Case Study - Innovative Strategies

One of our clients, a community coordinator, recently went through an experience with breast cancer. Having just gone through a health crisis with her elderly parents, she wanted to approach her own crisis in a different way.

Bringing her friends and family together made her realize that everyone benefits from helping loved ones in need.  In her first meeting with us, she explained that she wanted to share this community process in a creative way.

With her input, we created an animated video titled “Taming the Elephant”, about two friends, a zebra and a gazelle, who are menaced by a dark cloud in the shape of an elephant. Working with their friends in specific scenarios, the two animals are able to overcome the chaos the Elephant brings into their lives.

The AARP felt our “Taming the Elephant” video was so powerful that they put it on their national website as a training resource.

Our Take

Collaboration is important in every project we work on, but it is a critical part of an informative video project. Because these videos often incorporate information from a variety of sources – interviews, meetings, archive videos, etc. –  clarity of message and goal keeps everything on track.

Your Audience



Marketing videos, often called “explainer videos”,  have a broader scope than an ad or a commercial. They introduce audiences to the big picture of your organization or business, and act as a brand advocate, sharing your identity through visuals and audio.

Marketing videos can have a life span of several years and can be used in  broadcast, digital and internet media platforms. They can be embedded on your website or used in presentations. 

These videos are typically 2 to 4 minutes long. They provide a broad overview of your products or services and the problems you solve for your audience.

Case Study - Strategic Presentation

Recently we made a marketing video for an inventory software company that was tailored to a specific demographic. Our video was shown at a national trade show that also included several of this company’s competitors. 

The company sales person later told us, “We ran the video all day in our booth. This was the first show where people came up to me and asked if we could do something specific for their business. We’ve been going to this trade show for several years and it felt like they had seen us for the first time.”

Our Take

We work with our clients to make their marketing videos personal and unique to their brand. No cookie-cutter templates!

Because marketing videos are so end-use adaptable, they are a great choice for a business or organization. We can provide a variety of different file sizes of the same video for use on your website, social media, in a presentation or an email.


Social Media


Social media video length depends on the platform and the audience. For a business or organization, a social media video should start strong, use captions/subtitles, close with a call to action and keep it short.

Case Study - Personalized Tactics

One of our clients owns an auto body repair shop. Over the years, national and regional agencies have encouraged him to offer sales or special offers on his social media accounts.

But after meeting with him, we recognized that his business wasn’t about sales or special offers. As a business owner, his focus was on the people in his community. He wanted to make sure his team did great repair work, that his customers felt taken care of, and that his community as a whole was encourage to drive safely and take care of each other.

Through our collaborative process we were able to drill down to his unique message about community service. Using that information, we created a series of videos, images and posts that thanked his community for their trust and encouraged them to share their experiences with his business

After using this content on his social media (and digital advertising), our client’s market share grew, as did the positive reviews from his customers.

Our Take

Social media videos are a great opportunity for a business or organization to get informal and friendly with their audience.

Creativity plays a big role in the messaging but the shelf life of these videos is short. That’s why we don’t chase viral trends or over-produce. Our social media videos are always rooted in the client brand and mission. This approach gives them a longer lifespan and promotes brand awareness 24/7.

Collaboration is key to consistent messaging. Together we’ll dial in the style, resources and planning for your content.