Don’t want to hire a full service agency to create your sales video?

For businesses that don’t want to bring in a full-service marketing agency to create content, we provide a collaborative, unique video production experience.

A lot of media creators try to put small to mid-sized businesses in a box. Not us. We offer a collaborative video production experience where you are the expert on your business and your customers.

Work With Us

One of our clients owns an auto body repair shop. Over the years, national and regional advertising companies have encouraged him to offer sales or special offers on his services. 

But after meeting with him, we realized that his focus wasn't on sales or special offers. His focus was on the people in his community. He wanted to make sure his team did great repair work, that his customers felt taken care of, and that his community as a whole was encourage to drive safely and take care of each other. 

Through our collaborative process we captured this unique “community service” message. We created a series of commercial-length videos that thanked customers for their trust and encouraged them to share their experiences.

After using these videos in digital advertising and on social media, our client's business has grown, as have the positive reviews from his customers.

Here's what we do

  • Shooting

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Production planning

  • Edit, color correction, sound design, audio mix, great music

  • Additional versions for social media or broadcast

Let's work together!


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