How to Record a Zoom Meeting In HD

Recording Zoom

With the popularity of Zoom meetings these days, we’re being asked more and more how to record a Zoom meeting in HD. So I was like, “That would make a great blog!”

Okay, first we have to ask, “Why are you recording your Zoom meeting anyway?” It’s a legit question because it will help us decide how high quality the video needs to be. Let’s face it, Zoom meetings are rarely visually compelling. Mostly it’s talking heads. If we’re lucky there’s a slide show or something. At best someone shares a video.

So, why are you recording it? Is it going to be resource material that you and co-workers can reference later? If so, maybe it doesn’t need to be in HD. Do you want to archive it on a company website so co-workers or clients can watch it when they have time? Are you recording an interview with an expert for your company video blog or personal Youtube Channel? Then maybe you do want the best quality video possible.

Let’s start with some Zoom truths.

Yes, you can record your Zoom meeting within Zoom.

It has its own recorder, but Zoom is not designed as a video recording software. It’s an online meeting app. Zoom’s development is based on providing the best meeting experience, not high quality recording.

According to Zoom’s Group HD white pages, a free Zoom account will record at 720p with up to two meeting participants. With three or more it records at 480 or even 360 depending on the number of participants and the use of virtual backgrounds. That’s pretty low res.

Zoom also records at a pretty low bitrate. They don’t pack a lot of information into each second of the video file and that can result in poor color and sharpness, and can even create blocky artifacts.

To record higher quality HD recording inside ZOOM, you have to pay for it.

To get 720p HD when hosting more than two participants you need at minimum a Pro account. For 1080p Full HD you need at minimum a Business account. Even at those resolutions, the bitrate is still pretty low resulting in better but less than great video quality.

What can you do?

There are things you can do to make sure you and your participants are providing good video feeds to begin with, and you can do it without spending a nickel. It just so happens that I’ve laid it all out for you in another blog, How to Look Great on Zoom! It’s a quick read. I’ll wait…

Now, how do you record that good looking video?

OBS Studio. And it’s free!

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is an open source software for video recording and live streaming. It can be very simple and incredibly versatile and powerful. I use it for so many things, like recording software demos and tutorial videos, and streaming live content to for our gaming and podcast channel. But don’t let it intimidate you.

There are hundreds of guides and youtube videos to show you how to record your Zoom meeting with OBS, and it is very simple to do. Go to your favorite search engine and type in “How to record Zoom meeting with OBS Studio”. So many choices! I think this is a pretty good one. Click this link. You’ll be up and recording in minutes.

Want more help?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or have more specific questions, please feel free to contact us. At Third Rail Content, we don’t just make videos. We consult on all kinds of projects, anything and everything that will help you communicate at your best. Contact Us. We’re ready to help.


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