Mouthwatering Video

From burritos to pizza to crab cakes, we've been shooting food for over 10 tasty years. When we first got started our approach was to jump right into putting the food in front of the camera without thinking about the big picture. Over time experience taught us to refine that approach, allowing the final video to better serve a client's brand.

Our process now begins with getting a good sense of your existing brand style and how it works with the food products you offer. Once we're on the same page with you, we plan the details of the shoot, balancing creativity with efficiency.

We can work with your present food stylist or photographer to match an existing visual style OR we can work with your marketing department to create a look. We like to joke that if our business had a middle name it would be "Collaboration". Whatever team or person we collaborate with, our goal remains the same: to present your products at their most appealing inside your brand's framework.

Whether you offer food for families on the go, dinner for a couple's special night out or items for cooking at home, Third Rail Content can capture your products' most mouthwatering moments and edit them for use on any screen you can imagine.

A quick look at some of our most recent work with food