Ready to make a video that shares your process, story or vision?

If you want more than a talking head and a PowerPoint presentation, you want an edutainment video. At Third Rail Content, we create videos that educate and engage with powerful visuals and audio. Train, share, explain or influence your audience with an edutainment video.

Work with us

We take your process, story or vision and, with your input, develop a script. From there we design and plan a production. We finish with post production, polishing the visuals we’ve created and putting them together with music and motion graphics.

As an example, one of our clients, who had recently gone through an experience with breast cancer, wanted to share her perspective on how families and friends can help each other during a health crisis. We created an animated story about two friends, a zebra and a gazelle, who are menaced by a dark cloud in the shape of an elephant and overcome the chaos it brings into their lives. The AARP felt Elephant in the Room was so powerful that they put it on their national website as a training resource.

Quality production. Help make decisions. Guidance. That's what we do.

Here's what we do

  • Script

  • Talent/casting

  • Production planning

  • Production design - costume, sets, locations, props

  • Shoot, Audio, Lighting

  • Edit, color correction, sound design, audio mix, original score connections

  • Deliverables creation and delivery

  • Client maintains all rights

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