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Companies using marketing videos get 66% more qualified leads per year, according to research by OptinMonster, a lead generation software company.  Their research also concluded that companies using marketing videos increased their brand awareness with consumers by 54% (OptinMonster, 2019). 

Reach potential customers, and make them remember you with a corporate marketing video from Third Rail Content.

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You know how hard it is to capture the attention of customers, even customers that you already work with?

Well, we make marketing videos that get customers interested in what you have to offer, and make your product or service memorable.

Recently we made a marketing video for an inventory software company that was tailored to a specific demographic. Our marketing video was shown at a national trade show that also included several of this company's competitors. The company sales person later told us, "We ran the video all day in the booth. This was the first show where people came up to me and asked if we could do something specific for their business. We've been going to this trade show for several years and it felt like they had seen us for the first time."

Here's what we do

We start with a questionnaire that helps us get to know your company brand, your story, and how you differ from your competition. After meeting to discuss that information, we use your input to write a script and create storyboards. Once the script and storyboards are approved, we begin production: capturing and creating the necessary elements. We finish with post production: putting the elements together with audio and motion graphics, and incorporating your input for the final polish.

  • Video

    • we shoot video, provide stock footage, and can incorporate existing footage (depending on quality)

  • Animation

    • created from scratch or modified stock elements

  • Motion Graphics

    • tailored to your brand and customer demographic

  • Voice Over

    • we work with a wide variety of professional voice over providers

  • Platform Presentation

    • we can provide additional version of your video for social media or in-person presentation

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