Blogs vs Vlogs vs Podcasts vs…. Huh?

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Content is king! Blogs, vlogs, podcasts and video podcasts! You watch the content. You’ve been thinking about making the content. But what should you make? You already have the best idea ever? Great! So. HOW should you make it? That’s a big question. Let’s take a step back and ask, what do you want your […]

Turbine Flats Podcast – Kevan Griffin


Dorothy continues the Turbine Flats Podcast with guest Kevan Griffin from Cloud City Studio. Cloud City Studio provided audio production in Turbine Flats. Sadly, Kevan just moved back to New York City to pursue audio work so Cloud City is no more. But in this podcast he talks about his hip hop group from the […]

Turbine Flats Podcast – Nebraska Digital


Dorothy continues the Turbine Flats Podcast with guest John Rood from Nebraska Digital. Topics include John’s favorite dessert, cool websites Nebraska Digital has created and what John loves about running his own business. WATCH NOW! Thinking about a video for your organization? We can help! At Third Rail Content, we create AND consult on all […]

How to Look Great on Zoom

Zoom screen

There are things you can do to make sure your video feed looks great on not only Zoom, but all live stream platforms. And you can ask your meeting participants to do these things, too. Let’s start with the basics. These tips are easy and won’t cost a thing.