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3 Things You Need to Know About Us

1) We create energized video content. 

Our niche is corporate/business/organization content.  We create Internal Content (recruitment, on-boarding, training and instructional videos) and External Content (mission statements, annual reports and promotional videos).

2) We write powerful copy content. 

Same niche, different tools. We write Internal Copy (auto-communication texts & emails, training and instructional materials) and External Copy (white papers, marketing emails & articles, website copy, brochures, direct mail copy). 

3) We are lean, fast and motivated. 

We can create content as a stand alone team or we can seamlessly integrate with your HR, safety or marketing department. We shoot with DSLRs and a prime lens package. We also shoot on our phones. It depends on what our clients need. We write with keyboards, pens and sometimes crayons. We're a two person team with a deep network, a thirst for connecting and a thing about organizing information. 


In subway systems, the electrified rail that provides the power needed for trains to move forward is called the "third rail".  We like to think of our work as the underground creative power that moves our clients message forward. Boom! 

Check out some of our video content in the gallery below. To check out our copywriting portfolio, message us through our contact page. 

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the third rail power duo    

Chad Haufschild. Dorothy Booraem. We both write, direct, shoot and produce. By day we're laser focused corporate video creators, by night we create feature films, web series and shorts. 


Wondering if Third Rail is a good fit for your content needs?  Give us a call at 402-882-0389 or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

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